Manifesting it ALL

Manifesting it ALL

From the first time I listened to The Secret, driving in the car on my way to an insurance training in 2009, I have been wildly obsessed with manifesting and the law of attraction.

I will never forget the chills I felt all over my entire body when I heard Bob Proctor say “the secret is the law of attraction!”

I knew it was true and real. 

I remembered in that moment, I create my own reality.

That car ride was truly the start of my spiritual awakening, and led me on the most exhilarating journey in manifesting over the past decade.

I have gone on to create my dream business, uncovered my purpose and gifts, bought a lake home, the list truly goes on and on. 

All along the way, I have been seeking answers over and over again, at first for myself and then for my clients.




Why do some things manifest quickly and others take longer?

How high does my energy have to be?

How long after I think a thought about something I desire, does it take to receive it?

When is it coming?

The list of questions goes on and on.

Luckily, the answers the Universe brings to me goes on and on too. 

Let’s break down the 3 step law of attraction process- Starbucks drive thru-style.

  1. Get clear on your order.
    Are you sure you know what you want? Write it out, journal on the things that you truly want. No bartering, no denying and most of all no “how-ing”, (trying to instantly figure out how this could possibly happen for you). The how is not your job, that is the role of the Universe.
  2. Expect your order to come to you.
    Your role in the LOA process is to remain in a state of positive expectancy- a state of knowing that you “placed your order”, and it is being worked on. When you place your order in the drive thru, you relax and wait, because you know they are working on it inside. Think of the Universe as your desire barista!
  3. Receive
    The Universe knows exactly what you want by the thoughts and feelings that you are sending out into the Universe in every second. The deeper question here is do you realize what you are asking for? The law of attraction is a powerful force, always bringing you more of what you are thinking and feeling about. It is always delivering on what you’re giving.The key here is to focus on what you do have that you do love and appreciate it. If your focus is on what you want, but don’t have yet, then it is on the absence of the thing, and creating more charge to keep you in the absence of that thing.

    Stay locked in as long as possible to the belief and knowing that the Universe is conspiring now and always to bring you what you want.


I often think of the game “Red light-Green Light” when it comes to manifesting with the Universe.

When we are giving the green light energy, which is feeling good, thinking positive and are on a high frequency, the Universe can run towards us with everything we want to manifest. It can move about freely to rearrange the Universe to bring you what you want swiftly and in the most aligned and magical ways.

But when we start to worry, fear and doubt our dreams and desires, the Universe sees the red light energy you are in, and it stops in it’s tracks the creation it was working on for you.

I also want to make a point for discussion that the law of attraction is not just a manifesting strategy, it is truly a way of being and believing

It isn’t something that you turn on and off. The law of attraction is activated in your very existence, and in every thought that you think and emotion that you feel.

The more you learn to control these 2 elements, the more you begin to consciously control the creation of your life.

Some people think of the law of attraction as just some new age strategy to manifest , but it is truly so much more.

It awakens you to the powerful connection we have to the Universe, and gives you the evidence that we all need as human beings to know that there is a higher power working for us at all times, in ways we could never imagine.

If you want it, you can have it.

There is truly nothing too big for you- nothing that the Universe cannot mastermind into existence.

The Universe knows what it’s doing.

And if you still feel like you have been doing all of the right things and following the law of attraction formula, but you’re still not manifesting what you want, here are a few quick checks to get into alignment to receive:

  1. Are you attached to how? You don’t have to figure out how it can happen, you just have to believe and expect that it will. That is your role. Let the Universe figure out the how.
  2. Are you feeling now how you will feel when you have what you want? Feeling it now is the fastest way to it, and truly the only way to it. Feel it to receive it.
  3. Are you sure you want it? I love writing down all of the things I want at the beginning of the month and reviewing it as the month goes along. It blows my mind how quickly I change my mind about what I truly want. It is also such a great record of things that I thought I wanted that did not manifest, and looking back and understanding why. Because even if we think it didn’t work out for us, it worked out the best for us.

I love helping women like you consciously create whatever they most desire AND I love to help women connect to their deeper self and strengthen their relationship with the Universe. If this is something you want to focus on in 2022, hit reply and let’s chat about if private coaching is right for you!

To Manifesting it ALL-

Amber Annette