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Laura Wright is founder of EPIC at Sales and the go-to “Sales Ninja” in the coaching industry.

Amber Annette an intuitive sales and business success coach focused on profitability & purpose.

Together they’ve created The Sould System, a framework that creates a new vision of what it means to be a modern-day woman in business.

They’ve been featured in Yahoo News, American Express, Huffington Post, YFS Magazine, Thrive Global, and Elephant Journal, among others.



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“If I had known that in ONE conversation with Laura that my entire sales strategy including the skills to ethically invite people to work with me without any manipulation or ICK AND a skillset to overcome any objection I would’ve paid just about anything.  Ive been using these skills for years now and they are one of the only things that will take my business to 7 figures.” Kelly Ruta

Strategy & Spririt

“You get the perfect amount of strategy and actionable steps mixed in with spiritual guidance [with Amber] which is very hard to find.” Shelly Peterson

Niche, Market, & Offerings

“Amber and her program helped me better define my niche market, create stronger focus on revamping my offerings and an exciting belief in my potential to pursue paths I’d never even considered!” Carrie Boe

Laura A. Wright is a coach and business consultant who transforms overworked and underpaid business women into seven-figure empire builders by creating structure in their business and showing them how to completely reframe how they think about their business model.

In the past 20 years, Laura has closed over $43 million in sales, sold over $47 million worth of goods and services, helped 4,800 artists sell tens of thousands of dollars worth of work, sold and filled multi-million dollar events and turned over 6-figure profits in real estate. She is the founder of EPIC at sales and is responsible for over 200 women reaching their fullest income.

Laura believes that when smart women hold true wealth, that is how we change the world. She is committed to helping brilliant-minded women who have amazing service to give to the world understand how to do it in a way that has them at their highest potential and making the most amount of money. Her big desire is for women to create their own economy.

Amber Annette is a soul-powered life & business coach, dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs do what sets their soul on fire.

She creates soul aligned brand strategies, marketing assets and advertising campaigns that are trademark worthy for visionaries, leaders and influencers.

Through coaching, intuitive insight, plus her savvy financial and business background, she inspires women to fully step into who they desire to be and create the life and business, income and impact they are here to create!

Amber is also a mom to 4, ranging in ages from 5-24! So when she’s not building her business, or working with a client, you will find her at one of her children’s baseball games, or enjoying the lake with her family and friends in MN.

Two trail-blazing voices in the online coaching industry

Profitability and purpose
strategy and soul
Marketing And mindset




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