Your higher calling offer

Your higher calling offer

Here is what I know to be true. When you follow your higher calling, it often leads to higher income.

But the hard part is that often women have a difficult time putting a higher ticket price on their gifts and services that they are bringing to the world.

And that is where misalignment happens and an uneven energetic exchange takes place.

If this sounds familiar, the following key components can help you feel good about putting that higher price tag on your higher calling by helping you design an offer that truly calls to your ideal soul clients, filling them, (and you and your bank account) up!

Here are the 5 key components to your higher calling offer  –

#1- Be absolutely in love with what you’re selling.

Be clear about what is included, and know exactly how you want to serve inside of this offer.

Be so damn excited about it that you would buy it yourself! Really take the time to feel into this offer and be honest about every aspect of what is included. Also reflect back to past offers you have had, what ones did you love? What pieces would you change or eliminate? Don’t sell yourself short soul sister. When you love it and believe in it, so will she, and that is what makes people say yes and buy.

#2- Create an offer that gives you space, time and energetic freedom.

You are not meant to be tied down. You are not meant to be chained to a desk or strapped down to your business. This is the quickest way to both boredom and burnout. You started your business for a reason, to break free from rules and rigid 9-5 schedules and the last thing you want is to go and recreate a job for yourself that you probably couldn’t wait to get away from.

Look at your calendar and really feel into when you want to be available to serve your clients and be in your business on a weekly basis. Make sure to plan for things like your personal appointments, vacations, family time, etc. There is nothing more important than your time and energy, plan accordingly!

#3- Make this your highest ticket offer.

Most likely, your highest calling offer has the highest ticket price you have ever charged.

Why you ask? Because when you sell at your highest level, you get to serve at your deepest level. High ticket also allows your client to invest and be vested at a level that will truly give her the transformation she is seeking. The energetic exchange and value exchange is so high that it is impossible for either of you to fall or fail.

High ticket offers also give you sustainable income, so you are no longer in a place of need or wonder where your next client or cash is coming from.

#4 – Your highest calling offer is going to match your soul client’s deepest need.

You have exactly what she is looking for and can provide her with the results and outcomes that she most desires. Your offer is going to show up for her at the most precise and aligned time.

There is a lot of faith and trust that needs to go into this one. But let me tell you, when this piece clicks into place, the way you get to serve her will be magic.

There is nothing worse than having a misaligned client. And that typically comes from you undervaluing and undercharging.

#5 – You get to over deliver for your client.

Nothing feels better than when you get to surprise and delight your client because there is space and room built in for the extra energy needed to expend along the way.

One of the things that I plan for in my mastermind offer, (my highest calling offer), is that there is room to give private 1 on 1 coaching sessions throughout the year as needed, in addition I have space to be able to send special gifts, etc. This component allows you to plan for the unexpected and always be able to give your clients not just what they want, but what they truly need.

The intention is that after reading this, you are ignited and inspired to create your highest calling offer. And if in that creation, you are feeling like you need some additional support, strategy and intuitive insight to your higher calling offer.