Sould LIVE

A transformational 2 Day Event
For Ambitious Women In Business Who Are
Ready to make their mark, create their movement
And manifest a of money!


 may 2 & 3, 2023, PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA

Sould LIVE

A transformational 2 Day Event
For Ambitious Women In Business Who Are
Ready to make their mark, create their movement
And manifest a of money!


 may 2 & 3, 2023, PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA

Does it just feel like nothing is working the way it used to Or as easily as it “should”?

You are working much harder than ever, and let’s be honest, it’s probably for less than you deserve or desire.

It’s not your fault.

You were told over and over again that if you just do this ONE strategy everything in your business will work… and then IT doesn’t work for you…

And on the inside, it just feels like there is something wrong.

Something is missing.

And “working harder”, putting in more time and energy, that is not the answer.

Here’s the truth…

The P.M.S. (Pale, Male + Stale) tactics of doing, doing, doing, working, working, working harder just to get further is burning you out and the hustle culture is creating diminishing returns.

You know it is time for a different way of doing and being in business (and life).

You know the old ways just don’t work if you are a trailblazing, spiritual woman on a big mission… You know you need to follow your intuition to move your business forward.

But the problem is that you don’t fully trust just following your intuition as a business plan.

You are still looking for the “how”.


How do you turn your big dreams and desires into your reality? (And, dare we say, turn your desire to change your industry into reality?)

How do you shift your business to a model that can scale, run without draining you or needing all your attention yet FULL of deep level connection?

How do you break free from limiting beliefs and master your money mindset so that you can quite simply create anything you desire?

How do you create a business that fills up your soul and your bank account?

We see you.

And we have your how.

This is your invitation to join us for A
3-Day transformational in-person event

Sould LIVE

an invite only 2 Day transformational in-person event

may 2 & 3, 2023, phoenix, arizona, USA


Together we’ll support you to …

  • Release the limiting beliefs that hold you back from creating the business you desire (once and for all!)
  • Move though the money blocks that keep you in the cycle of undercharging, over delivering and feeling energetically depleted
  • Activate your highest-level vision so that you can have that life you dreamed about when you first started your business
  • Show you how to connect to your intuition so that you can take the inspired action that draws in income and clients like magic
  • Claim a business model that allows you to have the freedom to follow your calling AND make money (Lots of money!).

You will walk away after 3 days ready to sell at your highest level so that you can serve at your deepest level.  All while surrounded by a room full of open-minded women ready to build their million-dollar empires from a place of service, ease and enjoyment.

We are all about curating a sacred space for leveling UP.

If you know you are meant to be there then click to…

“Laura is BRILLIANT with offer design. 🙂 and Amber always asks the most penetrating/ breakthrough questions. So glad I signed up for this experience.”



“I felt like Amber was just
speaking to my soul.”





Together, we formed Sould Inc., where we help ambitious women in business follow their higher calling so that they can have a higher income!

And with over 4 decades of wisdom, experience and intuition on our side, Soul Sister- we’ve got your back (and business!)

Because your business, well that is our business.

And to be honest, we are total rule breakers and inspirational disruptors when it comes to all things sales, marketing and business!

Laura Wright is an Author, Speaker, Growth Strategist, and Master Sales Coach. 

Her approach to creating wealth and scaling businesses is simple, effective and steeped in the absolute belief that sales is love.

She has closed a cool $43 million and then some over the past 20 years and she’s the founder of EPIC at Sales, but, for a time Laura Wright’s life was anything but epic.

After her real estate company crashed and burned in 2008, Laura found herself over $500,0000 in debt— while being the sole provider of her family, no less. There, she was lost, demoralized, and doubting her ability to rise up from this setback, until she remembered two of her greatest gifts: the power to see the potential in ANY situation and the ability to close just about any sale with love.

A few years later, Laura has made a name for herself in the coaching industry as the go-to “Sales Ninja” for service-based women in business, helping her clients scale to six-figures within months and cross seven-figures in record time.

YES, if there’s a sale, Laura can close it! She is here to help you make your sales EPIC.

Amber is an Intuitive Sales & Business Success Coach for purpose driven women in business. 

She’s here for entrepreneurs who are ready to transform their service based business into a profitable and purposeful brand!

She is best known for blending her gifts of psychic mediumship with her business acumen to help purpose driven entrepreneurs WHO DESIRE MIND BUSINESS SPIRIT ALIGNMENT.

Amber Annette is a soul powered life and business coach who takes a soulful approach to coaching and consulting purpose driven entrepreneurs.

She uses her intuitive gifts and blends them with her business acumen to give entrepreneurs authors and leaders, creative and unique ways to reach their desired level of success.

With a strong background in leadership, sales, marketing, coaching, and training, Amber Annette weaves her passion into success strategies that are divinely designed and custom to the not only the business, but the individual. “Everyone has special gifts, talents and abilities” says Amber, “I want to bring those into the light so that all entrepreneurs feel alive and aligned in their business, so it never feels like work!”

Sould LIVE

an invite only 2 Day transformational in-person event

may 2 & 3, 2023, PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA

 Over the two days you’ll receive


MAY 1ST – Pre-Event Meet and Greet (5-7pm EST)

Join us for a pre-event reception that is all about connection, community and kicks off our two days together.  We’ll set intentions, enjoy lite fare and a lot of laughter.


MAY 2ND & 3RD (10-4pm EST)

  • Each day plan to join us in a beautiful house
  • Laser coaching and intuitive business interventions – This is an interactive event, you will not just lean a theory you will be transformed, called up to your highest level and given the guidance to grow your business to the next level.


  • How to attract more money into your business right now!
  • How to deeply connect into your intuition so that you can take inspired action that results in more energy, freedom, clients and income
  • How to raise your rates and ask for MORE!
  • Guided visualizations where you will access your future 7 figure self. This is one of our most popular methods for transformation and clients use it time and again to access clarity and take aligned actions
  • A closed-door deep dive discussion on what’s working now in our ever-changing online world and shifting economy (Hint it’s not what you think or anything you’ve been taught before)
  • We will support you to claim the unique to you business model that finally allows for the freedom you desire in your business.


  • We’ll provide you with a nourishing lunch both days so you are fortified.
  • And we know how to hold transformational space with and for you to remember how amazing and magical you are, so that you can go forward and create the business that fuels your soul.

It’s time to have it all







and nothing you don’t.


Sould LIVE is the pathway for claiming your highest and best vision while surrounded by soul-sisters on a mission.

It’s dreaming up and HITTING that Million, multi-million or whatever F*cking number you desire business, in total alignment with your highest self.

Who is this for?

✔️ You are open, you listen to your intuition and inner guidance.

✔️ You have spiritual practice or want to deepen your connection to your spiritual side

✔️ You crave being surrounded by other like-minded, dedicated entrepreneurs. You know the energy itself is life-changing.

✔️ You’re 100% willing to do the work internally and utilize the support given to you

✔️ You're a no excuses, “I’ll try anything” kind of person.

✔️ You are ready and able to receive in a HUGE way. Ready rise in your business NOW — not later. Now.

Who is this NOT for?

❌ You are closed off, unwilling

❌ You want to go it alone and don’t crave a community of support

❌ You are more committed to your excuses than to finding a new way

❌ You are resistant to change

❌ You want to stay trapped in dollars for hours 1:1 work.

Know deep in your soul you need to be in the room?

Here’s how
to join us:

Here’s how to join us:

  1. Book a call with us before  April 1st. Yes, this event is invitation only. We are serious about curating a room full of high vibration women on big missions.
  2. If you are accepted you will hear back from us within 24hrs along with the full details for the event
  3. Once accepted you will be asked to claim your ticket ($497 US). We've made this a right fit investment to support you in showing up at your highest and best.




I need a hotel- any recommendations?!

Yes! After your application is accepted and you purchase your ticket, you’ll get an email with the hotel details so that you can claim a room at that hotel or a nearby hotel or AirBNB as it best suits your travel needs.

I’d love to share a room but I don’t know anyone else going. What should I do?

No problem! In your welcome email you’ll get an invite to join our private Facebook group where you can post that you’re looking for a roommate. You can connect with others who are looking for accommodations.

Is my hotel room included in my ticket cost?

No, your accommodations are NOT included in the cost of your Sould LIVE Ticket.  Your Sould Live ticket includes access to all of the official events May 2 & 3, 2023.

Is food included during the event?

We are hosting a welcome reception with lite snacks on May 2st 5-7pm and lunch will be provided each of the 2 days together.