The Sould Sisters

Episode 6: Transformational Retreats Insights

Written by Amber Annette

The power of in-person connections: this activates the power of being present, and of presence. Being physically together is what creates new ideas which lead to your new next level.

  • How to receive the most from a retreat or in-person experience.
  • If you’re feeling called to host, how to facilitate a retreat for the greatest transformation.
  • Three of the most powerful takes away from our recent retreat.



If you’ve been listening in, and you’ve been thinking, “Hey, I want to be around some really powerful women who support each other, who are doing big things in the world, who are wanting to balance energy alongside of strategy, and want to have not just an aligned life, but an aligned business, so they can reach what they want,” I know we would love to welcome you into the next retreat. But if you even just wanna explore what it’s like to be in the room with us and what it’s like to be around the women that we gather together, head to to book a call where we can share details about our next retreat!