The Power of the Elements

The Power of the Elements

If you’re a writer then you know there is no greater feeling than when a really good idea hits you and inspiration takes over. It almost feels “frenzy-like”, the pen can’t go fast enough, the keys can’t click swiftly enough, the words seem to just fall out of your heart and pour out of your soul perfectly onto your paper. It’s an experience nothing short of magic.

Or is it?

What if I told you that like clockwork these moments are readily available for you every single month? Believe it or not, they are my friend.

A little over 2 years ago I was in a moment of frustration, feeling stuck, tired, exhausted and burn out from trying to figure out why some of my ideas worked flawlessly and others would flop.

I was in the middle of a launch, and I had zero energy to give to it. And this was not the first time something like this had happened in my business. I felt hopeless.

Why was it that sometimes I would feel so inspired, turned on and lit up and other times everything would just feel flat and exhausting?

I went to call my life coach when I realized that I call her on the exact same day, every month.

I instantly felt like the Universe was showing me a pattern, and then, nothing short of the most beautiful divine download, a gift of insight from the Universe happened for me. 

I had already been studying the elements, (air, earth, fire, water) and teaching my clients about the elements and how they align with human characteristics when I realized that every single month we go through a cycle of all 4 of these elemental energies!

You see, with each element comes its own unique energy and I guarantee you if you read through a few of these examples, you are going to recognize it inside of yourself:

For example, what I referenced above about writing in the light of inspiration is nothing short of when you are in your Air element; Air is all about creativity and ideation. Air is a time where the thoughts are running wild and the possibilities seem endless. Can you think of times that you feel like that? 

When you’re in your Water, believe me sister, things feel much different! You might feel tired, exhausted, depleted and/or you might find your mind wandering to places of fear, worry and doubt. 

Your Earth period, is a magical time for planning, preparing, organizing, decluttering and your Fire is when this magical time hits when, look out world!, because you are a magnet! Your passion, and soul fire activate, and you feel like you are unstoppable! The captivation, clarity and conviction that you have is undeniable.

When the awareness hit me that we go through a cycle of these four elements every single month, I felt like the biggest gift had been given to me. Throughout the last decade, as an intuitive life and business coach, I’ve watched so many women sit and struggle, trying to uncover why some launches were successful, while others weren’t? Why sometimes inspiration is there and other times it isn’t? Why do we sometimes go through these phases of feeling like a failure and feeling deep doubt, letting it get the best of us? 

I wanted to know for sure that the elements and their power of pattern was real, so I got out 5 years worth of journals and what I found absolutely shocked me. Like clockwork, almost every single month, I would write almost the identical words, sometimes the exact statement, in a trending pattern, month after month. 

So I decided to put the theory to test.

If my journals were correct, then in my personal pattern that I had just uncovered, I knew I was in my water “week” getting ready to go into my Air week. And I also had a good indicator that shortly after my air week, would come fire. And it did, just like clockwork. In my air, I felt creativity and inspiration, and I came up with a new program then I waited for my fire to hit so that I could start selling, and wouldn’t you know, I had $120,000 in sales in a matter of 10 days when I waited for my fire! To say I became an instant believer is an understatement!

Since that moment, I have been teaching, preaching and inspiring women to find their elemental pattern! Ever since that moment,  I truly run my business from elemental alignment and for the last 2 years I can honestly say that business, money and success has never been better!

Now I take it even further and deeper in my business and my clients’ businesses each month.

I plan all of my creative content for when I am in air, it’s when I conceptualize, write and play with the words. It’s when I trust all of the new ideas that are coming to me!  But I always trust and wait for my fire. I wait for that moment when that fierce passion takes over and that’s when I finalize and edit and hit share and send to the world. And that’s when they feel it the most.

The best part about this is that now I’m always ready for when the moment hits. I know it’s coming. I have space carved out in my calendar.

The response and the results that I receive from following my elements are always amplified and above and beyond what I was intending. 

It’s why you’re reading this.

I wrote it in my Air, and sent it in my Fire. 

If you would like to learn more about Business Magic with the elements – click here

Top 5 Lessons from 5000 Readings

Top 5 Lessons from 5000 Readings

It’s hard to believe that I have been a psychic medium for almost a decade.

What’s even more amazing to think about, is that in almost 10 years, I have done approximately 5000 readings!

Between private 1/1 sessions, group readings, large events and online life and business coaching the number of readings quickly added up!

I am super honored to have this gift. It sometimes feels like a dream, or something out of a movie and I am so happy that I followed the calling when it showed up for me, because believe me, there were sometimes I seriously thought I was crazy. I mean who goes from being a corporate banker to being a life and business psychic medium?

But it paid off in ways I could never have imagined. And it paid off in the lessons that I have learned along the way from all of the readings I have done.

I have summarized here for you my Top 5 lessons from 5000 readings:

  1. What comes to me and through me is always for everyone’s highest good.
    I learned very early on in my readings that what I am reading and how I deliver the message are 2 totally different things! I’ve developed a sort of “psychic etiquette”, in my delivery of the messages from the Universe and our passed loved ones in spirit.

    I always channel from a beautiful place of love, light and inspiration.

    However, sometimes there are messages that need to be delivered that are more difficult for people to receive. Even in those moments, I know that it is exactly what they need to hear to be able to make decisions that will change their life and the direction they are heading.

  2. We all want validation that we’re doing the right thing and going in the right direction.
    Almost always when my clients have questions during their sessions, they know the answer, but it still feels so good to have the external validation that they were right.

    We all want to know that things are going to turn out ok. We all want to know we’re on the right path. We all want to know that we’re not alone and that the Universe does truly have our back.

    And I want you to feel in this moment right now, you are truly supported and surrounded by more love and light than you could ever imagine.

  3. Feeling your intuition is easy. Following your intuition, not so much…
    In my opinion and experience, following your intuition is often the harder choice. It often comes with consequences that feel hard in the moment, but on a deeper level we know that it is the right thing to do. We all know what happens if we don’t follow our intuition. And I must say, following your intuition is like building a muscle, it takes time, focus, dedication and determination to make it stronger. It’s one of my main purposes in life, teaching people how to own their intuition. After doing all of the readings that I have, my intuition is now my lifeline. I believe it, trust it and follow it over anything else on this planet. My hope is that you get to a place where you do the same.

  4. Saying goodbye is the hardest thing we ever do as human beings.
    The Grieving in goodbye is the ultimate moment of your soul expanding. It is the deepest part of you saying goodbye and letting go of someone, even though there is nothing more that you want than to cling to them, and force them to stay in your world, where all is good and comfortable.

    But what spirit always shows us is, that is not your right and would be the ultimate form of soul sabotage, especially when who you are really saying goodbye to is the old version of you.

    Whether it be to our classmates at the end of school, a breakup, divorce, a friendship that has run its course or saying goodbye to a loved one who has passed away, goodbye is never easy.

    It’s a fragile time where reflection and grace dance together lightly, trying to not awaken regret.

    Goodbyes, no matter how soft they may seem in the moment, equal emotional growth, and no growth comes without some sort of pain. And those levels of pain determine just how deep of an inward journey of healing you’ll need to go.

    Sometimes that journey is quick, like pulling a band aid off and then swiftly moving back to the speed of life. While other goodbye journeys drag out and can for some, literally last a lifetime.

    The pain lingers and the thoughts persist about what it would be like to ignore the goodbye that has to happen or has happened.

    There is so much unknown when we say goodbye. And unknown to the heart and mind equals fear.

    But to live In fear, is to not really live life at all. That type of living is nothing more than survival. And the Universe wants you living your life to the fullest!

  5. We all want to believe in the magic of the universe.
    We all want to know that we are special, unique and one of a kind to the Universe. We want to know that we are being seen and supported by something bigger. We want to believe in the magic of love and light. We want to see evidence in our daily life that there is a higher power.

    We want to know that there is an after life full of light and grace waiting for each of us. We want to know that we are making a difference. That yearning is meant to lead to your awakening. Its meant to lead you to an awareness and a remembrance that we chose to come here to do big things together. And I know this to be true for you, because you’re reading this.

I have so many beautiful memories and so many incredible stories that have come from me being in my gift and delivering it to the world. If you’re reading this, whether I’ve done a session with you or whether this is the first time you’ve experienced a piece of my work I sincerely mean it when I say thank you for allowing me to share this incredible gift with you!